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Ceramic Coating & Paint Correction Process

Step 1: Pre rinse

Pre rinse and remove any dirt grim or dirt debris. The process will have a 2 bucket system hand wash. There is no further rubbing of unnecessary dirt that could mark the paint further.

Step 2: Decontamination process before correcting paint work.

We break down and remove dirt build-up contaminants embedded in the paint work. This includes brake dust acid rain deposits industrial pollution and other damaging particles that attach themselves to the vehicles paint work.

Step 3: Paint correction Stage

A paint correction is a process that includes machine polishing the paint work to get rid of paint defects permanently.
All paint systems are different.
The first step to a paint correction is measuring the thickness of the clear coat and determine the history of the cars paint. This will determine what step to take if it’s safe or not safe to preform a paint correction.

Step 4: Protection of the ceramic coating

Ceramic coating is applied by hand after the paint has gone through the paint correction process.
We want the paint to be defect free as much as possible. Then we layer the paint with ceramic coating.

Step 5: Final check for hand over

At Dove’s Car Detailing we pride our work on delivering the car in an immaculate condition.
Final check over like glass, wheels, paint and door jams.
This is now ready for the customer to come pick up there vehicle.
At handover we explain all the maintenance process and any products that are needed to up keep there new protected paint work.

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